Twitter as a crystal ball :: Predicts Grammy Winners

And all this time we’re thinking it’s a tweet, you know, to share something you feel a connection with.

Mining information as simple as key words to build meta data and trends is what the buzz is all about so I find this fascinating. It will be interesting to see the match-up after the show.

Big props to Webtrends for their efforts. Be sure to read the full piece here→ from

Little Steven’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.

A Message From Little Steven

“There’s a crisis in American schools today. Drop-out rates are higher than ever. Student engagement is at an all-time low. In this moment, the devastating paradox I see is that music and arts programs are being cut. The very things that changed my life –that gave me a reason to believe– are the first to be removed from the schools when times get tough. And then, no surprise, times get tougher still. There are too many young people who would stay in school if they could just find a reason to stay. Students today are looking for a point of connection. I want to give them one.”

– Steven Van Zandt

Rock and Roll Foundation Forever Foundation

As a kid in grade school, I heard Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass for the first time from a console stereo my father brought home one night. It was the most amazing sound I had ever heard and I knew then I wanted to play the trumpet. My parents encouraged and supported me and I entered the elementary school band.

I continued playing and one of my best friends for life also played an instrument (Tenor Sax). We played in school bands, state bands and orchestras and even went to  Berkley College of Music in Boston together.

I no longer play. He does. We’re still friends.

To say the arts, in particular music, has changed my life would be an understatement. Smarter and more eloquent people than me have expressed the importance of the arts before me. I believe with all my being in every effort that will keep all the arts in our grade schools.

Did you know, kids that play a musical instrument are better in math.

Steven says it best and I feel a need to help him spread his word and deeds. Hope you do the same.

His foundation’s site is here→

Thank you Steven!