How A Behemoth Like Nordstrom Learned to Act Like a Startup

This is a great showcase of Nordstrom’s Innovation Lab and another reason Nordstrom continues to win in their space.

The full article with two short videos is on Linkedin’s site and you can read it here→

Here’s one of the videos where the team is on site in their Seattle flagship store with a “flash build” of an iPad app for sunglasses customers. Great insight with real time feedback from customers during the build. I think the part when the sunglasses buyer tries on a pair of polarized glasses and can’t view the app just because of the orientation of the iPad. Who knew? Right?

Well done Innovation Lab. Well done!

75 awesome Illustrator tutorials ideas

This is probably the most tutorials aggregated  into one page I’ve seen in some time.

At first glance, most tutorials don’t fit my style or typical clients’ needs but spending some time doing tutorials gives me a chance to do designs that not only fall outside my comfort zone  but more important, expose the “oh, that’s how it’s done.”  Even if I think I know how it’s done it still may offer and shortcut/better way to get the same result or a design element that will fit later designs.

Many thanks to Creative Bloq for this great collection. See it here and start exploring→



Illustrator tutorials: 75 awesome ideas to try today! | Creative Bloq.

via Illustrator tutorials: 75 awesome ideas to try today! | Creative Bloq.

The Pitfalls and Perks of Freelancing (Infographic)

As a freelancer and self-employed creative for the past 6+ years, I can relate with this very well crafted infographic.

Thanks to the great folks at for their original piece and posting the infographic. A very big thanks and job well done to the original creatives from

Be sure to check out their other great infographics→.

Pitfalls of Freelancing

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A Visual Guide to the Ampersand (Infographic)

I think every creative ♥ the ampersand. I think it’s one of the oldest ligatures and with some font families you and actually see the a, n, and d blend together to create this typographic work of art.

See the entire infographic and article  from the fine folks @ Six Revisions here→