75 awesome Illustrator tutorials ideas

This is probably the most tutorials aggregated  into one page I’ve seen in some time.

At first glance, most tutorials don’t fit my style or typical clients’ needs but spending some time doing tutorials gives me a chance to do designs that not only fall outside my comfort zone  but more important, expose the “oh, that’s how it’s done.”  Even if I think I know how it’s done it still may offer and shortcut/better way to get the same result or a design element that will fit later designs.

Many thanks to Creative Bloq for this great collection. See it here and start exploring→



Illustrator tutorials: 75 awesome ideas to try today! | Creative Bloq.

via Illustrator tutorials: 75 awesome ideas to try today! | Creative Bloq.

Proof that inspiration and be right at your feet. Thanks!


Seriously… a photographer can actually get to take some very cool photos out from the most common things ever, like escalators for example. This is fresh and quite nice, considering the amount of beauty found in these photographs probably taken at airports, metro stations and other random places… this is not an existing series, it’s a selection by various great photographers capturing escalators! Super duper cool!

“Maybe since I was 35 years old it was time to go upstairs.”Wellington Mara



A minimal shot of a random spot
Another minimal shot
Every single angle
Vans are still cool

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