How A Behemoth Like Nordstrom Learned to Act Like a Startup

This is a great showcase of Nordstrom’s Innovation Lab and another reason Nordstrom continues to win in their space.

The full article with two short videos is on Linkedin’s site and you can read it here→

Here’s one of the videos where the team is on site in their Seattle flagship store with a “flash build” of an iPad app for sunglasses customers. Great insight with real time feedback from customers during the build. I think the part when the sunglasses buyer tries on a pair of polarized glasses and can’t view the app just because of the orientation of the iPad. Who knew? Right?

Well done Innovation Lab. Well done!

The Ultimate HTML5 Photo Gallery by Juicebox

Felix Turner, known for his PostcardViewer and other Photoshop compatible image gallery applications has developed a new HTML5  gallery, called Juicebox, which also works through Photoshop & Lightroom plug-ins. It a responsive design for all browsers along with iOS and Android devices. Good bye Flash and a light weight alternative to Java Script.

There are terrific demos on the site. Several pricing options for a free lite version, $49 for a Pro Single Site, and $99 for a Pro Multi Site.

Twitter as a crystal ball :: Predicts Grammy Winners

And all this time we’re thinking it’s a tweet, you know, to share something you feel a connection with.

Mining information as simple as key words to build meta data and trends is what the buzz is all about so I find this fascinating. It will be interesting to see the match-up after the show.

Big props to Webtrends for their efforts. Be sure to read the full piece here→ from